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Pine Ridge High School – Deltona, Florida

School Profile


Pine Ridge High School, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, opened in the 1994-1995 school year and is located in Deltona, Florida.  With a student population of approximately 1720 students, is one of ten high schools in Volusia County.  The county includes 533,280 residents, over 63,000 public school students, and 8,000 teachers.



• Five-Star Award

• Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and Environmental Team each earned awards at district and state-level competitions

• Choir and Band students selected for All-County and All-State Choirs

• Medallion of Excellence winners

• FUTURE Tomorrow's Leaders selectees

• Air Force JROTC Program: Awarded ‘Exceeds Expectations’ rating

• Ben Carson Scholarship awardee 


Pine Ridge High School offers a comprehensive secondary program of regular, honors, Advanced Placement, AICE, CTE and academy courses.  Graduation requirements depend on the student’s specific diploma track and year of entry into the 9th grade.  Please see the district’s website at for more information.  All 115 educators at PRHS are highly qualified by the State of Florida, 15% hold ESOL certification and 12% reading and/or CARPD certification.


We currently offer the following Advanced Placement Courses: 


AP Calculus AB and BC

AP Macro Economics

AP US Government and Politics

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Statistics

AP Music Theory

AP Drawing

AP Art Studio: 2-D Design



Honors level courses are offered in the following subject areas: 

  • English 1, 2, 3, and 4             
  • World & U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Economics
  • Algebra 2, Probability of Statics, Analysis of Functions, Trigonometry, Geometry       
  • Biology, Earth Space, Chemistry, and Physics               
  • Spanish 3 & 4           


ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION (AICE) The AICE program is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system for academically able students. AICE is internationally recognized as a university-level qualification and is committed to a flexible curriculum with global acceptance while maintaining academic rigor which is a keystone of Cambridge. The AICE program of study offers students one of the most demanding and rigorous college preparatory programs in the world. An AICE Diploma is awarded based on examination scores and coursework performance during six full-credit courses. By requiring students to take a minimum of six full-credit courses with at least one course chosen from each of the three subject areas (Language, Mathematics & Science, and Arts &Humanities), the AICE Diploma ensures that all students follow a broad and balanced academic program.


We currently offer the following pre-AICE and AICE courses:


Pre- AICE Chemistry

Pre- AICE Spanish I & Pre-AICE Spanish 2

Pre-AICE World History

Pre- AICE English Literature

Pre-AICE Biology

Pre-AICE Global Perspectives

AICE Thinking Skills

AICE Global Perspectives

AICE General Paper

AICE English Language

AICE Drama

AICE Marine Science

AICE Geography

AICE US History

AICE Biology

AICE Travel & Tourism

AICE European History



We offer the following academy & program opportunities: 

-          Healthcare Academy                                            -      Advanced Manufacturing Academy


HEALTHCARE ACADEMY –Our Gold Level Healthcare Academy provides training for students interested in any of the three following career areas: athletic training and advanced sciences; first responder; nursing; and fire rescue services. Students are rigorously prepared through core and career and technical education classes and complete projects that span both areas. Students can EKG, CNA, and CMAA Certification.


The Advanced Manufacturing Academy offers multiple industry certification opportunities.  The VMA (Volusia Manufacturing Association) is a proud supporter of this valuable program.

  • Facility is state of art with curriculum including:
    • CAD: Computer-Aided Design                                     3D Printing                          CNC Machinery
    • Welding & Fabrication                                                    Robotics                               Hydraulics


The athletic program at Pine Ridge High School is well-rounded for all students.  Approximately 400 students participate in football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, wrestling, track, cross-country, bowling, softball, tennis, drama, band, chorus, dance, and/or cheerleading.


Our school is supported through the participation of parents and local community members in our School Advisory Council, Academy Board of Directors, and many other co-curricular groups.  Partnerships with multiple local businesses provide students with unique opportunities to learn in alternative settings.

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