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Laptop and Textbook Returns


broken laptop

Laptop & Textbook Returns

Laptops with chargers and textbooks must be returned in person to an adult in the media center where they will be scanned in immediately and taken off your record or you will be charged for them. DO NOT leave materials in classrooms or anywhere else on campus to avoid costly obligations. Check what TEXTBOOKS you owe by visiting vPortal and clicking on the app for DESTINY in the Library Resources folder (laptops are not in there).  If you know your computer has issues or is broken, please come see Mrs. Hackey before the return date for your class.  

laptop returns



If your diploma is held after graduation due to obligations, you can visit school to clear up obligations and return materials at any point when you come to pick up your diploma. 

9th-11th Grade Students

Whenever the media center is open, we are available for troubleshooting laptops. If your laptop has an issue, do not wait until the return date to handle it. All laptops must be turned in for the summer UNLESS you have a summer school class, summer DSC class, or other academic reason you need to keep it. You will need to wipe down the device, remove stickers,  and return the charger. When cleaning your device, never spray the laptop directly. Spray a clean cloth and use it to wipe it down. The media center will have cleaning supplies for you.

If you are registered for summer school and need a laptop, you MUST come to the media center to renew your device but know that you will need to turn in your device at the beginning of the school year for reimaging.

May 26-- 9th Grade Laptop Returns Through English Class

May 30-- 10th Grade Laptop Returns Through English Class

June 1-- 11th Grade Laptop & Textbook Returns Through English Class

May 31-- Textbook Returns for all grades

Students are also able to check out up to 10 library books for the summer the last week of school. DO NOT leave for the summer without returning laptops and textbooks.  

Daytona State Dual Enrollment Books

All DSC books must be returned within 1 week of the end of the semester and we can’t check out new books until you return all DSC books from previous semesters.  To request books, fill out the Dual Enrollment Form HERE.  

RETURN Spring Books (Semester ends 5/12): 8:00-3:45 May 15th – May 19th  

CHECK OUT Summer A (Semester begins 5/18): 8:00-3:45 May 15th – May 26th 

CHECK OUT Summer B (Semester begins 6/30): Before June 6th or email to schedule a time. All books MUST be checked out before the media center closes for the summer on June 15th.