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Reach for the Stars Rocketry Resources

Rockets Cedar Key


Rocket Research--Career Interest Inventory, STEM Careers, Research Worksheet

STEM Career Research Graphic Organizer--Click HERE to download PDF

Career Interest Inventory--Use one of the sites below to find five (5) possible STEM careers that interest you.

Career Research--Use the following resources to complete the graphic organizer for the career that interests you most

Career Report--You may use the research graphic organizer to share your findings, or you may choose another method (Slideshow Presentation, Prezi, video, etc.).  The following information MUST be included:

  • Career Preparation--Number of years of college and/or job training needed:  On the job training, Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Degree
  • Job Description--Day-to-day duties, equipment and/or technology used, setting (hospital, ship, office, outdoors, etc.), probable job locations
  • Pay or Salary--Describe a starting salary, top salary, and growth potential of the field

Teaching Resources for Rocket Boys/October Sky

Rocket Boys Lesson Resources from the author, Homer Hickam

Space Race Teaching Activities from the National Archives--Including primary sources related to the history of NASA and American space exploration

Rocket Boys Unit Plan--Created by Kris Anderson

Cross-Curricular Lessons from A Pinch of Everything

Estes Rocket Instructions