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PRHS ProjectLIT Book Club


Click HERE to view the PRHS ProjectLIT Book List Choices.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child would like to join the 2023-2024 Pine Ridge High School Book Club. Meetings are during lunch on Fridays and there is no fee to join. Under the direction of Mrs. Hackey, the Library Media Specialist, students will have the unique, privileged opportunity to preview exciting new literature which may be added to the PHRS library.

With Mrs. Hackey’s guidance, members will have the ability to read books of their choice from the selection, provided they return the books safely and soundly after reading. Even though discretion is used in choosing age-appropriate books of literary merit, it is possible some books may contain elements that an individual parent deems inappropriate for their child. You may contact Mrs. Hackey ( to obtain titles of the books being previewed. If you choose to have your child opt out of any selection(s), please notify Mrs. Hackey.


_____ Unlimited: I grant my student full access to the Book Club materials including access to any titles that require parent permission. This includes permission for my student to check out titles designated for age ranges above their grade level at the discretion of the teacher.

_____Limited: I grant my student permission to only access materials designated for their grade level and below.

_____No Access: I request that my student not be permitted to access any Book Club selections without my specific permission.



Mrs. Hackey

Literary Media Specialist


“ProjectLIT(erature)” Book Club/Exclusive Library Permission Slip

I have read the above information and give my child permission to participate in the Book Club.


Student’s Name: _______________________________________Alpha Code:_________________


Parent/Guardian’s Name (please print): ________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Email Address: ____________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________________________


Date: _________________________