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FINDS Research Lesson

Be a Research Pirate--AARR!

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Accuracy, Appropriateness, Relevancy, and Reliability Lesson--Researching an Endangered Species

We all research topics on the internet.  Think about the last thing you searched.  Turn to a partner and answer the following:

  • Which search engine did you use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Was the purpose of your search personal or for school?
  • Did you notice the author(s) of the website or when it was written/created?
  • Did you check more than one source?

In this lesson, students will evaluate websites for Accuracy, Appropriateness, Relevance, and Reliability.  If asked to research an endangered species, which of the websites below would pass the AARR criteria?

AARR Criteria:

  • Accuracy--Is the information on the website current, complete, and correct?
  • Appropriateness--Is the website meant for students of your age?  Is it meant for research?
  • Relevance--Is the website meant to inform, persuade, or sell something?  Is it recent or out-of-date?
  • Reliable--Does the website have a list of reputable sources?  Are the authors known authorities on the subject?

Websites about Endangered Animals: