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Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning (WBL)

Enrollment guidelines:

  • Students must be covered by the worksite’s workers’ compensation and liability insurance. 

  • Students are required to participate in meetings with WBL Coordinator throughout the school year. 

  • Students are required to turn in all district and state required paperwork and provide monthly timecards by the 5th day of the following month or the following school day if the 5th is on a weekend/school holiday. 

  • Students may not change WBL work sites without prior authorization and completed paperwork. 

  • Students must regularly attend all in-school classes and maintain passing grades to participate in WBL. 

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age and have transportation to be OFF campus during WBL periods. 


Hours Policy:

Credit(s) Earned 

Work Hours Required Weekly 

Number of Release Period(s) 

5 hours 

1 Period 

10 hours 

2 Periods 

15 hours 

3 Periods 

20 hours 

4 Periods 


25 hours 

5 periods 



WBL Credit Policy: 

  • Students can earn up to five (5) OJT credits in a 36-week school year and may repeat the OJT experience in following years to receive additional credit(s).   (*Administration approval is required for enrollment in 5 periods of OJT.) 

  • Students must complete a CTE program prior to enrollment in the internship course or be currently enrolled in a Career Academy. Students can earn one (1) internship credit per school year and may repeat the internship experience in the following years to receive additional credits (up to 450 total worksite hours or 3 credits).   

  • Students must work for the ENTIRE 36-week school year to earn credits.  

  • Students who work for 18-weeks (1 semester) can earn ½ credit.  

Contact Ms. Kleckner to learn more about WBL at Pine Ridge

Earn while you learn!